Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparzzi Pics (Pt.123)

Snow? Freezing weather? NONE of these things stopped folks from coming out to show LOVE and support to this well known Brooklyn establishment. I reached over to Harriet's at about 11ish and it was almost at full capacity already! It was pitch black in the front room, and all you could see was silhouettes of people with hands in the air. The blast of sheer body heat is the first thing that greets you as soon as you opened the door like WHOOSH! Then making your way to the back where the air was cooler, and the faces were more visible. Cameras were going off all over the place, trying there best to capture the memories of the last night within these four walls. Round 2am Fre (Ahficionados) and I called Ngozi to the DJ booth to make a speech to all her well wishes, and that's when the tears started flowing. Over all I was the BEST function so far this year, hands down, even though the occasion was not a joyous one. Now mind you the lack of more picture was only due to the fact that simply navigating through the crowd was a dance in itself. Lol.  If you missed it for no other reason then the weather then "BOO!" on you. That was the last night, not to be repeated, history baby!

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Sallome Beta said...

Brooklyn is so SEXY! Great pics Al.

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