Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.125)

We're ALL adults here right?!? Cool, cause I'm comfortable sharing this with you guys. Okay, (deep sigh) this past Saturday, a group of friends and myself got together and planned this really cozy and intimate "pajama/sleepover" party to break away from the expected routine of club hopping on the weekend (too cold and too tired of that). What we THOUGHT was going to be a 10-12 person deal wound up being more like a 15-25 person scenario...but it was all good. The price of admission was $5 pesos and a bottle of the good stuff, in exchange of a well prepared meal cooked by Steph(anie) (O') Con(nor) 4 & Isis ("Isis Isis Baby too cold too cold"). Who made at least 4(!) types of chicken (What! No watermelon? lol), mac & cheese, cake, biscuits, and bunch of other stuff to numerous to name. The location was L.A.'s pad, and the night's entertainment was a Neo-Soul ipod playlist (that's my contribution), the Shane Mosley fight, massages by Allerga, and make-up application advise from (Melyssa Ford's personal make-up artist) Tamara Delbridge. Who I was hoping BRING Melyssa, but wound up being a no show (shaking my fist). Anyways moving on, once the apt. got nice and crunk (do folks still use that word?) the REAL action got started. "Pillow Talk!" A great exchange of questions between the sexes to better understand why we do the $#!+ that we do...basically. All the ladies and gents in attendance put questions in a box that they would want the oppose sex to answer, to their best ability, then pass it to one other person to answer (cool right?). Mind you drinks are "open bar" and folks are dressed in their comfortable sleep wear, talking LOUD! Hill, Larry and Us! Funny stuff folks. You can just image the questions and then the zany answers to 'em...Wild! After the "Sandman" came to the party and dusted off everybody who stayed, we awoke to a chef cooked breakfast (thanks Beckenburg) and a private (bootleg) screening of that "Notorious" movie. FUN times. BTW Sprite hooked us up was their latest product "Sprite Green" which mixes great with any lemony flavored vodka and VIOLA'! You have yourself a "Lemon-Head" my friend. I'd tell you who secretly attended, but it's too close to Valentine's day to break couples up. LMAO! So now if you happen to see a private "Pillow Talk" invite in your Facebook inbox open it VERY carefully.
P.S. Where's my check Sprite huh? It's a recession going on.

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Anonymous said...

good times, im pissed that no one jumped into bed with me though LA!! xx

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