Monday, January 5, 2009

"Get On The Bus '08" -NY to DC and Black

I don't get. You folks DO realize that this may NEVER happen again for a LONG while right? So PLEASE tell me, why oh why are you dragging your feet, waiting to the very last minute to get yo ass on the bus? You have but 15 days and counting to ensure your place in history if you decide to join us for this memorable (one day) trip of a lifetime. The way I look at things is, you've followed and support the man this far, you may as well finish the journey by bearing witness to CHANGE. But hey, that's just my perspective of things, I'm just some blog you happen to read. It's not to late to see the "future." Click on either flier for full info to get on board. My name is the Minority Report and I approve this message.

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Goldi gold said...

This is dope right here. Now you need somebody to be recording the event during the trip, while the fly pics being taken and if "Dream Luv'r" is going. just take all pics of her until getting to DC haahaaha

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