Monday, January 12, 2009

"Look Who's Talking" -A Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

Boy did I mess up BIG time this weekend! About a month ago an ol' friend of mine decided it was time to make an honest man of himself, and got engaged to his girlfriend of 5 yrs. So before he went off to "prison" the fellas took it upon themselves to plan the guy a huge send off bachelor party. no expense spared. Somehow, I got elected to be head planner for the shenanigans for the night, even though I wasn't there to vote (go figure huh.) So randomly, I hear of this "Vagina Monologues" and say "Bingo! That's perfect!" I'm figuring, "Hey, I seen one smoke, uncork a bottle, even clap to make the lights turn off! But TALK!?! Let alone tell a joke monologue...
" So off I go, and purchase front row center seating for the whole entourage. The night of, we show up limo driven, shuffling to get to our seats loudly. Some drunk, a few high, only to find out...
Talk about buzz kill. And here I am all "jazzed" up to hear some good jokes from some cute chicks "love cave." Man we were outta there faster than you can say "OJ in a Bronco." Boy they really need to work on re-wording the title and advertise it better...Sooo misleading dude.

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Charece said...

LMAO,Are u serious you've never heard of vagina're halarious...I luv u for that!

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