Friday, January 23, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.124) Obamanation!

Now due to the nature of this historic event, I know I should've taken WAY more pictures that I'm posting. However if you could understand exactly how freakin' COLD it was that day then you would also understand that I value the use of my fingers, protecting them from frost bite, so much more! Lol. The following pictures you're about to view are from that long awaited Obama Nation bus trip we've been planning and promoting for the longest. The first flicks are of Stephanie O'Conner & some friends of mine from D.C. (up in NY at the time), helping out with the giveaway bags filling 'em with love and good snacks. Based on all the drama it took to pull this thang off the trip should've been titled "We Shall Overcome" or "the Audacity of Getting Your Hopes Up" cause man, EVERYTHING you can think and the kitchen sink was thrown in our path as an obstacle, blocking us from trying to attend the Inauguration. Slowed up ticket sells, last minute bus AND ticket cancellations, 11th hour ticket request, rumors of this being a scam, you name it, it happened! But you know what? WE did it! And it was worth all the effort and misery we had to endure to get there and take our place in history. Plus we meet some REALLY great new friends along the way. I was Lead Capt. of Bus #2 and I couldn't have asked form a better group of folks (peep the videos attached). Classics black cinema, Jazz renditions of Hip Hop songs, Bus aisle fashion cat walking ("Barack the Runway"), & Disney tunes all became sources of entertainment on the way back home. Hopefully we won't have to wait another four year for another Inauguration to have this much FUN! Amanda (Diva) you's a fool for this one! Thanks for winning Obama! Thanks to all the help put this together, And thanks to ALL that rode into history with us.

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