Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Going Def From Listening Parties!" -Jada & the-Dream Listening Events

It's ONLY January and Def Jam is making sure that they get off to a STRONG start! Now I'm no fan of the-Dream (as an artist) but I'm disappointed that I missed the listening party held for his forthcoming album yesterday (only cause I had a MAJOR meeting to get the ball rolling on "Rock the Block BK" for this year). Oh well, tonight hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll make it in time to get into the one they're having for Jadakiss's own that's been long awaited. If you haven't yet RSVP for this then (Jada laugh "Ah ha") you missed out homie.

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100K said...

*added to my blog list*

Sup (it's Karsten).Yeah, The Dream listening party was aight. he has some bangers but i personally like this joint called "Put It Down".

I wanted in @ the Jada event but the powers that be had all the help they needed. He's in the building tomorrow so..

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"