Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"And The Envelope Please..." -the Minority Players Who Became Major In '08! Pt.3

Hey, glad you decided to join us again! And btw, thank you for the enormous response to the "Award Show." Not EVERYBODY can win, but EVERYONE is a winner! Cheesy yes, but that's just how I see thangs. If you haven't been keeping up, simply search "awards" to see the other 18 winners so far. Now without further to do...ummm I mean ado, here are the "M-ies".

"Favorite Person To Find Out What's Going On In Town Besides This Blog" -Sir Charles Anthony/ HustleMode

Besides being the ONLY person I've EVER known to buy out an OPEN bar (you figure that one out for yourself), Cat daddy here is another man about town, much like myself, that knows about parties before they're even put together! Chuck Ant IS "Mr.RSVP" in the flesh! If you don't hear about it from him (or me), then that party ain't poppin'! PERIOD dot. I over heard that the only one time his name WASN'T on the list, he didn't cause a fit. No, not this guy. He simply went across the street, bought a hand held radio, and had EVERYONE that couldn't get in partying with him outside! Yes...All three of them!

"Favorite Person(s) To Make You Rethink Your Ward
robe" - Chandon, Adam "West", Guerre (
of Swagger360)

I spend ALOT of money trying to with these guys! Every other day, at least one of these guys had me running to Goodwill and Beacon's Closet looking to donate the $#!t in my closet I THOUGHT was fly! Lol! I am a firm believer that Ne-Yo stole that whole "Year of the Gentlemen" concept after one of these three probably bagged a groupie of his. He was like "Damn...I gotta switch my $#it up man!" Cause I damn sure know that's how I felt, after they bagged one of mine. LMAO!

"Favorite Non-Drug Related Obsession" -Sour Patch (Extreme)

I'm not quite sure exactly WHO put me on to this but, two days can't go by without me tapping my arm from that next "fix" man! And oh, don't let the corner store be fresh out of them. I'm straight PISSED for at least a good hour or more. The way I fiend for 'em, you'd SWARE some other illegal substance was hidden in the ingredients. I'm one step closer to just hitting the Bodega dude off with some cash, to order me a whole box! I'll be good for like a month...nah more like a week!

"Favorite Comeback Kid"
-G. Harris

with extensive surgery on the horizon, and a boot/cast that made him look like the COOLEST pirate from the docks of Brooklyn, NOTHING slowed this guy down. After a short break from the busy Summer social scene, Mr. Harris came back faster, stronger, and better! A real Black Bionic Man!

"Favorite Non-Celebrity With A Celebrity Name" -Tiara Chameleon

When this aspiring model/fashion stylist first introduced herself to me, and announced her name, I was like "For real? You're serious?" And sure enough that's her given name folks. So you KNOW the pressure was on, even since she was a youth back in (the unheard of town) Shaker Heights, Ohio (?) to become a star. You'd never think from all she'd been involved with so far, that she's a "BK Newbie." Just months in town! Sheesh, and I thought "Alanzo Dale" was a pretty cool sounding name, but "T.C." got me beat on that one.

"Favorite Brother From Another Mother" -Defferi /Pretty Black/Black Cocaine/ Seymour Gutman

After causal meeting his acquittance at a video set for a Sa-Ra & Erykah Badu some time ago, I knew some how down the line, I'd be working in some form or fashion with this cat. Then after getting a better knowledge of his fashion sense, his spontaneous humor, plus his deep affection for music, plus a skin complexion really close to mine. He had me scratching my head like, maybe I need to finally confront my parents and ask "Do I had any brothers you gave up for adoption that I don't know about? It's okay to tell me, I'm an adult now."

"Favorite Group To Reminisce the '80's With" -the RetroKidz

At when I attended an event that these guys showed up at, I was like "Is this some '80's theme party? I didn't get the dress code memo." Cause when it comes to reppin' that decade, this dudes go in! And don't think it's just stops at the "gear" ('80's talk for clothes). Let the DJ thrown on some hot Kane, or Rakim record, you'll see 'em REALLY take it back! Now I LIVED through the '80's, and usually a fight often broke after a heated dance battle/circle. Lucky for them, the '80's crime rate didn't come back in fashion too. Or it would be alot of chain-less, naked necks in this picture. Lol! 

"Favorite Cuties At Two Separate Events That Sorta Look Like Each Other" -Erica (?)
/ Nirvana Savoury

Now the first one of the left, I had gotten the pleasure of meeting during a Super Bowl party (Go Giants!) Kevin Powell held at the 5 spot in Brooklyn. I'm not sure if "Erica" IS really her name (I'm terrible with names btw) to be honest with you. I just remember her being edible-ly cute and her mention that she modeled, acted, or something along those lines. If you know her tell her the Minority Report gives her "the head nod", and says "What up!" Now the 2nd young lady (dope singer, peep her myspace page) who's not only ON her BlackBerry in the picture, she even carries a "Crackberry" 
PILLOW around in case the party she's at, bores her to sleep! Don't front, you know you sleep with yours under your pillow too. Anyway, someone needs to run a DNA test on these two. The resemblance is uncanny.

"Favorite Road Dawg / Rumored Suitor / Muse" -Ashley Mui

Faced with the trouble of finding someone to accompany me to the advance showing of Takashi Murakami exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum earlier this year, Ms. Mui was the first person that came to mind, that I thought would appreciate AND enjoy it. And from that point on, we've hung out damn near everyday since! So in the beginning of this blog's postings, you can see why she became a regular cast member on here. Sharing a common interest in shopping, music, fashion, the arts, and being silly, the Stylistics Agency soon formed from this well as dating rumors. Lol! "Rock the Block BK", "Boutiquer Frequer", "Sew Far, Soul Good" and "Brunch @ Harriet's" are the ONLY things we've "hooked up" on OKAY! So fellas if you're trying to holla, stop beating around the bush and stop asking "So ummm... Are you and Al a couple?" Yes we are...a couple of kids with sense trying to them dollars!  My Asian sister from another Mister.

So now that we gotten those awards out of the way, I'll keep you posted if I'm giving out a few more. Cool?


FLY LADY DI said...

I alllllllllways wondered about u and Ashley. Fiiiiiiiiinally the real truth.


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BODEGA said...

awww love george!

Seymour Gutman said...

Correction: Deffrei/PrettyBlack/Blackfruitpunch/Blackocaine is not to be confused with Seymour Gutman. While Seymour draws inspiration from Deffrei, he is not one in the same.

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