Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (122)

Okay now here's round two of the pics from "New Jack Swing" the NYE event at Tamboril some of you may have missed. Add in a NICE mix of 80's tunes, a mean Soca & Reggae set, $30(!) bottles of champagne, and my friend you have an outstanding cocktail mix of mayhem to start off the New Year RIGHT! Ahficionado approved new comer, DJ Tony Trauma earned his keep that night by playing what you WANTED to hear WHEN you wanted yo hear it. So there were NO complaints coming toward the DJ booth...well until we STOPPED playing. Special thanks to GUTS, 718Bodega, Swagger360, Butch Diva, Keith (MJGS Enterprises), Print, Not Just Vintage, Tiara Chameleon, and heaVy for doing such GREAT hosting, and make this first one such a memorable experience. Lucky you, you at least get to see the pictures.

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