Thursday, January 29, 2009

"My Girl Left Me For Benjamin, Grant, & Jackson" -New Jay-Z BluePrint III Track

In these hard economic times even a multi- millionaire like the "Jigga Man" has to wonder "Will my honey go, when my cash flow get low?" Now I don't have no where near a third of the cash he even walks around in his wallet with, and I still ask that question myself at times. I'm guessing the goal this year is to find a hot R&B chick, that's claim to fame is being one third of a platinum selling girl group, who's side gigs are being a spokesperson for major brands, AND acts in films from time to time. Maybe then I'll be able to sleep easier at night... Ya think? Well till then, I'll let Hov speak on it from his perspective through music: Hit the triangle and listen up!

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