Friday, January 16, 2009

"Brooklyn Smells!" -BK Has Two New Odors

Now you know Brooklyn is on the come up when it finally gets recognized in the fashion world with it's own scent! What exactly does Brooklyn smell like? Go head get your jokes in, "Burning crack, weed smoke, subway urine, the smell of fear itself." Although those answers are funny, you're completely wrong. It's has more of a fresh outdoor woodsy scent to it. More Park Slope than Brownsville, if you can understand that comparison. But on the real, I'm kinda upset that the bottle looks more like a Housing Project staircase, than the more decorative bottles that usually come from this brand. The font ain't even hot! Then Coney Island gets a fragrance before Bed-Stuy!?! What the Fig Newton is that about!?! What type of madness is this? Who wants to smell like washed ashore pampers and dried seaweed? Not I! I'm forced to release MY own cologne this year, and I'm calling it simply one word... "Success" (Nice right? Don't bite it!) So when people ask me "Yo, what's that sweet smell on you?" I'll answer back with the humblest of looks like "Who me? Oh, this smell? That's just the sweet smell of Success... Hater!"

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FLY LADY DI said...

you left out the smell of rotting garbage... and rat carcasses.


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