Friday, January 16, 2009

"Here Come The Judge, Here Come The Judge!" -Get Ready For Style Wars!

Now we ALL know NYC is the "Fashion Capital of the World", so if that's the case then Brooklyn takes the title of "the Home of Style!" Yep, BK's got PLENTY of it, however the guys over at the Brooklyn Circus simply want the creme. So I've been enlisted as a judge to cypher through the BK bunch of the so-called "fresh" to find out who REALLY reigns supreme, And who's in line to become the next fashion icon of Brooklyn! Lord knows wearing this crown gets weary. So if you feel you've got Jedi like "swagger" then come be judged by the "Mace Windu's" and "Yodas" of gear. "Fresh the young one has yet to become, hmmm? Dark side of the closet he will turn!" Lol. You can head over to the Brooklyn Circus blog to peep the other judges and myself, plus find out more info.

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Sallome Beta said...

You are looking rather SAUCY there my man!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"