Monday, November 24, 2008

"To DC or Bus(t)!" -Join The ObamaNation!

Well you DO know that we've planned a 4 bus trip headed for DC in January for the Presidential Inauguration right? But what you DON'T know is that tix are now on sale...No now just FOR sale, ON sale too. ALL tickets from here on out will be the low price of $75 bucks! Yes, you read right my literate friend. $75 bones! Purchasable on-line and now for pick-up. We are now leaving at midnight (January 20th) to avoid traffic and if you plan on coming please click the link and purchase tickets. they are first come first served and we are not holding seats The 75.00 seats are going fast and this is the last week we will hold this promotion. Then the price jumps to 100.00! To purchase tickets, visit

Tuesday, January 20th, 2008
Time: 12:00AM – 11:00PM

Come witness and be a part of history down in Washington, D.C. as Barack H. Obama is sworn in as our nation's 44th President. Change is finally here.

Mary Pryor (We Fancy, I Love You Like Cooked Food)
Anita Bryant (A-Marketing / Sista Factory)
Kristen Fraser (Cornerstone)
Rasu Jilani & Daoud Abeid (coup d'etat BROOKLYN / Sunshowah Films)
Keita P. Williams (KeiStar Productions)
Charles Anthony (Hustlemode)
Alanzo Dale (The Minority Report NYC)
Eric Raphael & Derreck Johnson (Rare Form)

PRICING (per ticket):
$75 for the first 100 tickets sold, then…
$100 until Monday, December 15th
$150 after Monday, December 15th

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C Merry said...

Hello, is this trip still on? I had written a couple of times on the webpage and I have heard nothing back. I had been wondering where people were being dropped off since no buses will be allowed into DC that day and if the Metropass for the trains into DC were included in the price.
I also see the departure times are different between here you say 12am and on the page it had said 2am. This sounds like an amazing day. Hope to get there somehow :)

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