Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Inn Good Company" -Come Chill Before & After the Show

I'm more than certain that you heard that this was going down tonight right? No? Well you need to stay in touch with me more often, you'll be missing out on mad stuff like this if not. If you haven't rsvp'd yet, getting in is pretty much a dead issue homie. But fret not, I have a "Plan B" for those that won't be apply to get in due to closed list and non-listed names...the Inn! It's but 4 blocks down from the venue the show is at, AND they serve food! GOOD food! Plus DJ Trauma spins upstairs there...Dope!

"the Inn" the NEW Cheers
Corner of 9th Ave. & W. 12th St.
Free admission
Food & Drinks served
Music by DJ Trauma
Hosted by Soundproof Intl., the Minority Report, Chandon

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