Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Ain't Nobody Worried!" -Anthony Hamilton Return To NYC

I'm a BIG Anthony Hamilton fan if you didn't know that about me already. I've seen the brother a total of 3 times in concert and I STILL play his first (commercial) CD on repeat on a weekly basis. Good news if you're a fan like I'am, not only does he have a show TOMORROW in the city, his also droppeing a NEW CD next month folks. Dec. 16th to be exact, titled "The Point of It All." I hear yet to hear one single off of it yet, but it's already bought as far as I'm concerned.

Anthony Hamilton live
Blender Theater -E.23rd near Park Ave.
Doors open 7:30
Admission is $42-$47

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www.anthonyhamiltonfanclub.com said...

Anthony is really one cool brutha! His concert performances are so GR8 that it makes you walk away feeling like you should have paid more to get in! Please visit his fan club website at: www.anthonyhamiltonfanclub.com.

Much Luv,
Evette aka, Sista Thickness
Dallas/Ft. Worth

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