Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.107)

It's spooky to me how grown ass adults are into Halloween just as much, if not more than, kids are these days right! It honestly took me a minute to join in on the fun but once I'm in I'm a 100% 'er! Tamboril was the place of destination for all ghoulish party goers to meet up at and party last Friday ("Monster Ball"). And boy did folks come OUT! No lie, a good 95% of people that showed up came in costume or mask. All except Ashley(?!) and Tiara(!?), boo (!!!) them when you see them. B'day girl DJ Radio Rose & DJ Daniella set off the party EARLY with all the right tunes till the Ahficionados took OVER! It was fun to see who show up wearing what, and who left without wearing whatever...some very interesting developments throughout the night I must say (wink). I didn't want the night to end, that's how zany $#!+ got! Oh well, we'll be doing it even BIGGER this Saturday at the Pink Room for "Sew Far. Soul Good!" cocktail event w/ Keistar productions and DJ Spinna to celebrate "CHANGE." I just GOTTA see you at that one man.

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