Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Boutiquer Frequer" -Pieces (of Brooklyn)

It's been a min. since I trekked around to my old stomping grounds of Prospect Heights (that's what the real estate agents are calling it now) where I grown up in Brooklyn. However when I do, I make it my biz to stop through to Pieces of Brooklyn boutique on Vanderbilt. What once was an all womens store (with SOME men's items) has expanded to cover both sexes adequately. But trust me, you'll sware when Beyonce' sung about "Upgrade You" she had this store in mind (lol)! Quite a few items in stock will definitely make that "shiny penny" by your side into a freshly minted "dime!" And if she's a "dime" already then here comes quarter status man! Word of advice; take the "African-American Express" (Am-Ex black) card with cha when you shop. Also make sure you'll have some where to go, like say a "Sew Far, Soul Good!" cocktail event (Nov. 8th TODAY!) type of thing. Lol!

Pieces (of Brooklyn) -671 Vanderbilt Ave (Corner Of Park Pl.)
Prospect Heights Brooklyn, N.Y. (718) 857-7211
Mon-Sun (call for hours)

Model -Tati Amare
(media spokesperson/hostess of MetroBox TV)
Photos & image capturing- by Karl-Edwin Guerre
Styling done by- Ashley Mui & the M Report
(for the Stylistics Agency)
Make-up applied by Ananda Khan (for the Stylistics Agency)
All clothing & accessories provided by Pieces of Brooklyn

*P.S. Peep the interview she conducted w/me sometime ago>. M(inority) TV


Nitzia said...

Unfortunately, Pieces of Brooklyn boutique makes me want to lean into a porcelain bowl. I interned there for less than a month, and was unprofessionally and irrationally fired with NO proof at all as a result of an ongoing THEFT investigation in the store, that had absolutely nothing to do with me. This unfair, accusatory treatment is what goes on behind closed doors and is revealing of the TRUE spirit behind the outrageously priced boutique; the smiles, “small talk” and apparent concern is all a matter of making MONEY, and securing lifetime customers with phony assistance and conversation. In my opinion, the owners were NOT in the interest of finding a criminal offender OR the missing funds, as I was rudely dismissed via 10 P.M. text message the DAY before a LEGITIMATE investigation was to take place; if you really wanted a proven guilty party, you would see to it that all employees and suspects are thoroughly questioned and ruled out, correct? And for a slice of common sense, next time you open your doors to a crowd of invitees and passerby’s while you pose, shake hands and mingle, get some valid SECURITY for the protection of your million dollar items – now there’s a thought! It’s amazing how I actually had a conversation with a mutual friend about the situation before I was let go, stating that “I hope we get down to the bottom of this, it’s sad that people can’t even get together and have a good time anymore.” – But now? I feel absolutely NO REMORSE for their inconvenient situation, and I hope whoever stole personal finances from the purse of the owner ENJOYS A FREE MONTH’S RENT. Justice will always prevail, and I was raised to EARN my keep, and never take it. Pieces can hop on the first train to hell as I sit back and watch the karma unfold. Since, I have progressed to bigger and better opportunities, and will not take .5 seconds to dwell on it after this review. While their items may be trendy and chic, I will NEVER spend my hard-earned money in that place of judgmental and fake characters, and neither should YOU. :)

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

WOW! you went in HUH? Not sure if this was the medium to vent off on but hey...this IS America we live in last time I checked!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"