Monday, November 3, 2008

"O Baby, Are You Kidding Me?" -The Hand That (Ba)rack's The Cradle

Why didn't we see THIS coming? Republicans in a last ditch effort, 11th hour attempt the throw Obama supporters off the rails. They've announced that the Senator has fathered an out of wed lock child during his early campaigning months! Much like "Joe the Plumber", "Kisha the Baby Mama" approached Senator Obama during a rally with the simple questions; "What are you doing about child health care?" and "When you gon' spend time with yo baby?" Always the calm and collective person that he is, he simply grinned and replied "When are you gonna start obeying that court order of protection huh Kisha?" before Secret Service tasered her and whisked her and the child off in a unmarked SUV. Seems like the other party wants to inform the public that Obama has been bumping more than just fist with women, other than his wife huh?

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