Friday, November 21, 2008

"I Am...Not Impressed!"-Beyonce's (& Sasha's) Latest Album Reviewed

Hey, trust me, I have no fear admitting I'm a fan of Mrs. Knowles
And why should I be, I've come to enjoy her work as a solo artist from the very first single released two years ago. So with that being said, I had no qualms about purchasing her latest double disc body of work that hit the shelves this past Tues. with no regrets, or even preview listens. Vocally Bey always delivers, if not give even more than expected of her. No problemo. However after listening (in a weeks time) to her "I Am...Sasha Fierce!" joint I'm comfortable saying I like her better when her was single. Yeah I said it! Not to blame Jay but this album here...a yawner. Maybe she's looking to get off her label, or she's gotten too too comfortable with her status, but I know know man. I'm fishing for answers here, help me out folks. On the first disc ("I AM") "If I Were A Boy" is a concept we've heard before (remember Ciara? Well do you?) so nothing new there. Maybe R.Kelly's remix will be more interesting perhaps? But by a show of hands, who wants to picture either one of them as the opposite sex? None huh? Thought so. "Halo" (the next single) I dig. Yet it sounds "Umbrella"-ish on the hook. Like a Rihanna out-take. Not hating, I CAN vibe to this one. "Disappear" is the anthem to all the missing members of Destiny's Child peep these lines; "I missed all the signs, One at a time you were ready. What did I know starting our lives. No my love, I'm ready to shine!" Deep ish huh?! Okay now on to disc two ("Sasha Fierce"). "Single Ladies" is a can't miss joint that is sure to appear on her "Greatest Hits: Beyon(ce') Expectations!" (just jokes) CD. She shines when she's on those girly anthems she sings. But that "Diva" crap? Oh Nooo! Leave it for the mix-tapes Bey! That "A Milli" like beat is kinda ol' now sistah, fo' reals. With better, tighter produced I could maybe see it working, part-time, but still working doing it's job. For me, I just personally wanna see her take more musical risks and step out and away from the (radio) box.
Do a say retro album (70's Soul or Funk) w/a full orchestra backing! Or straight up, give folks "the Best of Both Worlds 3" w/ her and Jay-Z folks are dying to hear finally! Those are just my thoughts about the whole thing man. Comments?


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

a DOUBLE CD?!?!?!?! i may not change the radio station if 'B' is on ...but a double cd?!?!? that, i don't think i can do. isn't that grown bubble gum sound kinda played? where the hell are the soulful singers?!?!? 'B' did her thing ... but it's time for something new/fresh.... no more RiRI, CiCi, I WANT SOME SOUL!!!

toni said...


"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"