Friday, November 21, 2008

"Bond...Word Bond!"-Quantum of Solace Review

So there's the deal, there IS a sophomore jinx that exists! Where does Hollywood get off thinking it can sell me the same product (prettier package) with LESS content, and think I'm cool with that? Okay, let's take it from the top. The infamous "Bond" intro title sequence was "eh!" to me. the Jack White/Alicia Keys theme I dug, but the on screen image graphics could've been "doper" (if that's even a word) I feel. The beginning starts straight into a car chase scene with no clues to who's chasing Bond and why, down impossibly small & narrow streets. After numerous shots fired, crashed civilian cars and extensive road damage, only ONE police car decides to get involved unsuccessfully. (Spoilers ahead!) Next scene we discover the cat James was after, from the end of the first movie ("Casino Royale") was stowed away in the trunk "Transporter 1, 2 , & now 3" style for safe keeping. Judi Dench as "M" (love the name) plays a much bigger role this time around. Coming from behind the desk, into the field, to help interrogate (IE. torture) Bond's suspected captive (yeah...right!). That's like your boss, stopping by your cubicle to sit with you, to help you finish your work in time for lunch. After captive dude ("Mr. White") laughs off their hollow threats, he makes one himself, and M's own bodyguard bucks shots at her...Gangster! And the chase begins. Now I'm not gonna ruin the whole movie for you just in case you may still wanna see it as opposed to seeing something like say "Bolt." But here's why it thought it was "Lite FM." Point one, Bond becomes a rogue agent when his team thinks he's on a revenge mission for dolo. So why would you then send a FEMALE agent, an attractive one, with no fire arms to bring him back quietly? Especially when better trained enemy agents haven't been able to capture him yet, AND he's well known to be womanizer! Duh?! Ummm, what happened to the expected gadget scenes we usually get from a Bond flick? A stolen ear piece and a blocked credit card was all you guys have to offer? Lastly, there was NO sexual tension what so ever between him and the lead chick, what's her face...None! And you make them kiss because? I 'm waiting...thought so. It would've been more believable had he kissed Judi, if you ask me man. Bottom line, I left the theater still hungry for more, and I had the popcorn combo (kid's size, I'm on a budget). Bond needs to hang with "Borne" in the future. Sneaking away with my hard earned cash, mission accomplished.

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Sir Valente said...

My brother you pretty much nailed it right on the head. But i would like to vent/add to your points. How can there be a Bond movie under two hours (Standing on line for half an hour then another half an hour of commercial/previews) for a total (spoiler alert) of one hour & forty-five minutes , i just don't understand it. I'm not sure why they were compelled to rush the story line or plot. Nothing seems to flow natural at all. It kind of felt like i was watching a dvd and randomly skipping scenes so i could get the good parts and see the ending. And on another note who in the hell approved that screen play to begin with. I know this movie was made to give us closure from the previous Film "Casino Royale" just in case you live in a cave somewhere..... But it was full of more gaps and holes than Atlantic Avenue. Its not like they dont have unlimited funds & time to get it right. Would anyone have been upset if they decided to push the movie back a few months to get it right. I might be a tough critic but i really think that they did a great job getting us back to the theatre to see Casino Royale (which by the way i watched the next day so i could let off the steam from being sooo dissapointed from watching Q of Solace) but they dropped the ball badly with the follow up. Taking 2 steps back would be an understatement. And lets get into the leading ladies of this film, not hot at all very average to say the least. The real Bond i know wouldnt even glance at those two women more less try to sleep with em....Man i could go on and on about this movie but i'll give everyone else a chance to blow some steam...

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