Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Shoe-ggestions!" -Hey, If The Shoe Fits..."the Fashion 500" Puts It's Foot In It.

Even if you have the slightest hint of fashion sense, it's a bit unnecessary for me to tell you that shoes play a MAJOR part of any outfit. If you're clueless to this then no point even talking to you any longer LOL. But for those in the know, I just wanted to "put my foot down" about the look we're striving for for this Saturday's "Fashion 500" event...DRAMATIC! Do you to the ten power, sort to speak. Blow the dust off of those shoe box that NEVER seen the light of day, and strut in rockin' your bestest! Don't think I just talking to the ladies either fellas! Bootleg Prada from Fulton St. are NOT "what's up!" Wingtips, suede loafers, driving mocs, penny loafers, boat shoes and the like, are all on the "thumbs up" list if you're still trying to decide your look for the night. Bottom line...enjoy yourselves, and feel GREAT about what you're wearing. Even BEFORE you put it on! They'll be TONS of pics be taking, don't end up on Facebook or Essence.com (Clutch mag, Uptown mag, Swagger 360) or wherever the pics are posted looking WRONG! *Shoe paparazzi shots courtesy of Swagger 360!

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