Friday, March 26, 2010

"Freak Of The Weak!" -Usher Gets A Lil' Freaky W/Nicki Minaj

I must admit this song really grow on me hard! Well mainly because of the Stevie Wonder ("Livin' In The City") sample used during the chorus. But I dig it done the less. However on the flip side of that, I'm not too too keen on this new rap "it" chick Nicki (or even Usher for that matter) pushing this loose lifestyle to young female fans just to stay current & edgy. Where's the social responsibility here? Are we selling souls or records? I can bet Stevie is turning over in his grave at the songs lyric used to his original classic song! Oh Stevie NOT dead yet? Well then this song would kill him, THEN he'd be in his grave turning over! BTW Usher NO more club scene videos for you! You're too big of an artist NOT to be more creative than this! And don't give me that "record company recession" crap! If Kanye can spend money on his own videos so can you brother. Might as well one LONG ass video where EVERY song happens in the SAME DAMN club! Feel me? Now your turn to judge...

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