Monday, March 1, 2010

"You Know I'm Frontin' Babe!" -Grand Deluxe 1st Friday's

I think it's crazy that we live in one of the most EXCITING cities in the Worid, but when Friday night comes it's HARD to find a GOOD alternative to the "bridge & tunnel" party scene! But instead of complaining about s#@t, Dj Trauma (your girl's favorite DJ) and myself decided to CHANGE thangs! Starting THIS 1st Friday well be hosting a lil' after work somethin' somethin' that we hope will grow to a BIG somethin'! Play ALL the favs that you don't hear anymore in a lounge type setting. To tops things off too it's FREE! Just the way YOU like it! Some come through sit a spell and show some love our first kick-off night and spread love the Brooklyn way.

"the GRAND Deluxe" -1st Friday's in BK
@ No.#1 Front St. near Old Fulton
A/C Train to High St.
FREE admission
Music by the M report w/ Dj Trauma

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