Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I Got My Mind Right, Money Right..." -Get Yo Ass Taxed!

Oh, ain't think he was ALL about partying & bulls#@t did you? Nah sister, we's about that paper too man! And if you about yours, and are in need of your taxes done, with expertise precision, then you best get up with none other than the Stylistics Agency/Acacia Ultd. own Lyshaan Hall (aka L.A.) my friends. Heading his own tax business for over 6 years in the game now, I can personally say he's one of the best out there right now doing it independently! Think "the Drake of taxes", then that would give you an idea of how hot he is right now! Last year he got me back personally 3,500 back on my return...and I don't even WORK! I gambled it all away after a bought myself a new iTouch, but that's besides the point. That boy there NICE! But enough talk here's his "Ten Tax Commandments" So gangster!

ACACIA ULTD presents

an evening with financial cultivators

Whether coming from poverty or prosperity, this Jeopardy meets Forbes magazine-esque event, provides tools and resources during this time of financial uncertainty.
Part quiz bowl, part panel, part fundraiser, part "go to this event because they've got food".

Lyshaan Hall, Financial Cultivator, Acacia Unlimited Financial Services
Brooke Stephens, Financial Consultant, Author of TALKING DOLLARS, MAKING SENSE
Kevin A. Pemberton, Philanthropist & Vice President, Neuberger Berman
LaVerne Walker, Director of Financial Aid, Weill Cornell Medical College

*Common mistakes in tax preparation
*Budgeting towards wealth creation
*Making financial aid work for you
*Benefits of giving back

Thursday, March 18, 2010
6:30 - 8PM
Restoration Plaza - Community Room
1368 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216
(A/C to Nostrand)

$1 (not a typo, there are no zeros. okay wait, $1.00)
Light Refreshments

*All proceeds directly benefit 3 local youth programs & reflect Acacia Unlimited's commitment to youth investment.

The Stoop // Hoods to Woods // Lil' Raggamuffin Summer Camp

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