Friday, March 19, 2010

"Get On Your Mark...Get Set...SHOP!" -the Fashion 500 Sets New Records!

You ever look through your closet and spotted that one item of clothing (with the tags till on it) that you promised yourself one day you'd wear, and that occasion just NEVER came around? Or went shopping and came across this unique piece that you just HAD to buy on the spot, not knowing when you'd ever wear it? Well rejoice my friend...THAT time has finally come! In a national bid to get black fashion recognized for it's OWN month, the Block Association collective will be hosting the very first EVER Black Fashion Month Spring formal event, to kick off the season. Ironically it also happens to be Easter weekend. Which is all the more reason to start "poppin' tags" & "throw it in the bag" for the date of Sat. April 3rd. If you ain't got it, this is a good reason to get it! Over 500 attendees complied up of trendsetters, make-up artist, stylist, personal shoppers, retail buyers, boutique owners, and general lovers of all out fashion will be present to help us make HISTORY through fashion. "Life is a runway, dress the part." Here's the details!

The BLOCK ASSOCIATION humbly presents..
"the Fashion 500" -the 1st EVER Black Fashion Month Formal
Saturday, April 3rd (Easter Weekend)

No.1 Front St. (near Old Fulton St. Dumbo)
Music by the Ahficionados & Soundproof Hybrid
Hosted By Brooklyn Circus, Beckenberg, Pedigree, Private Stock, Alador & Smith, La Vedette, Box Kitten

Dress code: Spring Formal, Camera Ready!
Adv. tix $20
RSVP for tix w/ contact # to :

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