Friday, March 5, 2010

"Super Size Your Weekend!" -Get Up To Get, Get, Get Down!

Alright folks get you PDA systems out it's time to start planning your days away from the "plantation." Here some choice suggestions that I'm recommending that will make your time away from the gig feel well spent. You ready? Well here's the break down!

After after work Friday, it'll be in your BEST interest to mosey on down to DUMBO's latest "it" spot that we've been warning you about, No.1 Front St. for "the GRAND Deluxe" opening of their first Friday (of each month) series. Think great food (cheap) nice drinks (cheaper) NO admission (FREE!) and you have the key components to the start of something memorable!
I'll be hosting AND spinning tunes that the radio so ignorantly ignores. Bilal to B.I.G., Drake to Dr. Dre, Andre 3000 t0 RJD2, and EVERYTHING in between!

"the GRAND Deluxe" -1st Friday's in BK
@ No.#1 Front St. near Old Fulton
A/C Train to High St.
FREE admission
Music by the M report w/ Dj Trauma

Then on the other side of town, @ Little
field, the Ahficio-
& DJ Alias join forces to present "the Get Down"
another event where the music IS the star of the party! Words of advice: "Wear COMFY shoes my friend!" Dance floor demons will be released!

"the Get Down"
@ Littlefield -622 Degraw St. (near 3rd & 4th Ave, BK)
Doors open 10:30
Admission $5 Bones
Music by the Ahficionados w/DJ Alias & guest DJ Wonder

Not feeling the club vibe Friday night? Then support your local theater especial when "Brooklyn's Finest" is in the house! Wait, you got Cheadle, Gere, Hawke AND the return of Wesley in gangsta mode! Plus Brooklyn is in the title! WHOA my tix are sold already! I'm gonna have to catch this on Sat. if I'm not too hung over from "the GRAND Deluxe" thing! LOL.

And I KNOW you had to hear about this one right? Tim Burton does his take on the "Wonder
thing, That's pure genius! I hope the movie lives up to the hype and isn't just another 3-Disappointment!

Lastly as it gets warmer Target 1st Saturday's at the Brooklyn Museum starts to heat up as well! This is a "no-brainer" folks. It's FREE, it's convenient to get too, and you get to enjoy good music and meet new folks. Oh can take in views of the art that's up as well. LOL!

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