Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Minority Music" -Get Ya Toilet Paper Out, I Got New Some S#@t!

It's INSANE to me how quick and easy new music is reaching listeners these days! You're not "poppin' " these days unless you have a 3 remixes, a cover song, a couple of rap cameos, a mixtape, and a leaked song floating around on the Internet! Do record stores even exist anymore? Anyways I gathered up some stuff you may (or may not have) been look to add to your "Morning Commute" playlist on the ol' iPod (or iPad, if you're fly like that). Tell me which one you're feely the most, and I'll pretend it even matters to me. LOL.

Andre 3000 -"Lookin' 4 Ya!" (snippet)

Drake -"Over" (1st Single)

T.I. -"I'm Back!"

Usher -"Mars V.S. Venus"

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