Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Do It To The Music!" -Getting Fresh Now Has It's Own Soundtrack

Seems like today with the convenience of portable players, MP3 and iPods and such, folks have music at their finger tips (literally) to help them create or get them out of WHATEVER mood that they happen to be in. Go to work, at work, working out, "twerking" out...all that can be done with music in the background playing. Just think Broadway plays have soundtracks, (of course) films have soundtracks. Hey, why the f@#k NOT a soundtrack to a PARTY? I'll admit, (and I'm pretty sure you have too) I've gotten dressed to go out, with the mirror in the front and the music in the back (of you blasting). Be honest, you even do a spin and point at yourself too right? Well the spin & pointing part's NOT cool, but hey, whatever works to get you hyped to start off a GREAT night right? Anyways long story short, the Block Association is about creating EXPERIENCES! Even before you even walk through the doors. From the look of the invite/flier, to the trailer commercials, the visual aide maps to get there, and now THIS..."the Fashion 500" soundtrack! To be played while you shop, get dressed, drive over, and most of all, to be remembered! This is your life baby, be apart of something historical. Black Fashion Month begins Sat.April 3rd! Get dressed to make history...

"the Fashion 500" soundtrack-DJ Trauma (Soundproof) & Frei (of the Ahficionados)

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