Monday, March 15, 2010

"Become A BLOCK Head!" -the Block Association Goes Viral!

Thank you for waiting patiently while we placed you on hold.We just wanted to make sure you got the best customer service possible. And trust me when I say, the wait will be well worth it!
We set out to create a positive movement toward high quality events to challenge people to party not only with a purpose but with penuche! So far if you've attended/heard about through word of mouth our previous events ("BK All Day"-July 4th, "Monsters Ball"-Halloween Night, "Casino Royale"-New Year's Eve, "My Uber Sunday"-Super Bowl Sunday) you understand the direction we're going in...which UP and FORWARD! So Saturday April 3rd (Easter weekend) the Block Association is humbly extending an invitation to you to attend our BIGGEST movement yet! The 1st EVER Black Fashion Month kick-off celebration! We have Black History Month (Feb.), Black Music Month (June), Black Fashion (April) deserves it's own...and it's about time! Join us to make HISTORY! Here's the details so far and other projects up our collective sleeves. Thank you for your continued support.

the BLOCK ASSOCIATION more than proudly presents...

"the Fashion 500" -the 1st EVER Black Fashion Month Formal
Saturday, April 3rd (Easter Weekend)

No.1 Front St. (near Old Fulton St. Dumbo)
Music by the Ahficionados & Soundproof Hybrid
Hosted By theBrooklyn Circus, Beckenberg, Pedigree, Private Stock, Alador & Smith, La Vedette
Dress code: Spring Formal, Camera Ready!
Adv. tix $20
RSVP for tix w/ contact # to :

Other projects in development:
"Rock & Bowl" or "Brown Sugar Bowl"-Concert meets bowling night of fun!
"the Hooky Party" aka "Class Trip"-Just as it sounds! Once the weather breaks we'll pick a random day of the week to meet up and roam the city enjoying the Sun, and hit "the crib" to party & cookout!
"White Shirt /Blue Jeans" -the 10th Anniversary reunion is this YEAR! A huge turnout!
"BK All Day!" - July 4th/ One year anniversary of the Block Association!
"Popcorn & Patron" -Movie night,with liquor involved...of course!
"Poppa's Place" -Restaurant Grand Opening (April 9th)
And so MUCH more! Please give me feedback on what you may be interested in or other ideas!

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