Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Drake's Cake!" -Thank Me Later's Track Listing...Supposedly!

Rap's elected "Neo" and radio's new "it" guy Drake's much buzzed about & highly anticipated 1st "official" CD is soon to be released. So folks on the net are going coo coo trying to find leaked tracks and such to have a lead over everybody else on breaking the news that it's gonna be great or not. Well I personal have some new stuff of his (track wise) but I'll play fair for now and just leak the track listing to you guys to get an idea of what to expect from ol' boy...or rather new boy.

"Thank Me Later"

1. Intro

2. The One

3. Love & Guns

4. Shut It Down (Feat. The Dream)

5. Return the Favor

6. Light Up (Feat. Jay-Z)

7. It’s Not Personal

8. Hold On

9. She Goes, I Go

10. Fireworks

11. Riding Music (Feat. Young Jeezy)

12. Don’t Change (Feat. Kid Cudi & Kanye West)

13. Fiction (Feat. Andre 3000)

14. Go Hard

15. Fear (Pt. II)

16. Momma

17. I Love H.E.R. 2010

* Forever (Feat. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)

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