Monday, March 1, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.191)

Have you EVER been to a SwedishFish Production event? Well word to the wise is, expect ANYTHING! This one this past Friday was even more so extravagant, cause it was the b'day celebration of the "Head Fish In Charge" Gina Jankowski! The night boasted of an art show, live performance and party all in one night and delivered. After the Ahficionados did a nice quick warm up set, songtress Roxiny came on and did her best working with a jacked up mic (trust me Roxiny, we understand). Once that was said and done the party was ON! Before you can say "Where all my Pisces at?" A GIANT "man fish" mascot pops outta nowhere and starts getting frisky with the ladies! I heard of "sleeping with the fish" but this dirty winding stuff was a whole OTHER level! Then just as the shock of a huge walking fish started to wear off...BOOM! A giant pillow worth of down feathers (YES, feathers) started raining down in the spot ( which was Tamboril btw)! Folks were looking around like "What the PUCK is going on?!? Where the FLOCK all these feathers come from?" I mean it was tons of the stuff folks. Think "humongous snow globe inside a party" and you pretty much get it. After a while people were trying it like snow and having a ball with the stuff. Fun times man! BTW shout out to the other young lady having a b'day party that night as well. I forget your name but it's all love love. LOL.

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