Friday, March 19, 2010

"Ass Backwards!" -Women Got Too Much Chaulk!

Now come on...I KNOW you been hearing about the whole story pertaining to these chicks out in Jersey (probably Jersey Shore right? That's what you were thinking too? I know.) that was going to this "fugazi" doctor to get "Ass-plants" and got back shots of caulk instead! CRAZY right?!? Well folks the world gets even CRAZIER! I'm hearing word on the streets that now some women are getting flavors injected into their BREASTS to change the taste of their breast milk!?! Just image strawberry flavored Quik milk coming out of your lady's "chest pillows!" Well now that I'm writing about it, I'm thinking that doesn't sound SO bad after all. Just a lil' weird perhaps. But hey, I happen to like strawberry milk, but that's just me folks. Just thought you ladies oughta know the options to there. LOL!

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