Saturday, August 15, 2009

"I Love When They Call Me B.I.G. Blogger!"- TODAY We "B.I.G PIMPIN' "...You Ready?

Now you KNOW I couldn't let the actual day of Rock the Block BK go by without me posting SOMETHING up to prepare you to be hyped for our soon to be legendary "B.I.G. PIMPIN' "
-tribute party tonight! Last is the finale to the trilogy of sample playlists that include the original sample and the hit that used it by these two BK (Hip-Hop) icons. Hopefully you've purchased your tix ( and went out to cop that blue Yankee fitted or those ol' school Vesace shades to rep the rapper you love.

Sat. Aug 15th
Rock the Block & Keistar Productions presents
"B.I.G. Pimpin' " -the B.I.G & Jay-Z Musical Reunion!
Dumbo Loft- 155 Water St. near Pearl
Music by your favorite DJ's two DJs
DJ Spinna & DJ Scratch

"Jay-Z & Biggie Smalls n***a shit ya drawer!
Brooklyn goin' out for all!"

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