Monday, August 24, 2009

"Bike To Mike"-Let's Ride For MJ Day!

I'm PRETTY sure by now like all of NYC , you've heard news about the "ginormous" B'day party Brooklyn & film icon Spike Lee is throwing for Michael Jackson right? And I'm hoping you've received news about the numbers of bike riders gathering at the Brooklyn Museum to do a charity fun(d) raiser through BK that same morning too? Well NOW you know! Here some updates about the 1st Annual "Take It To The Streets" aka "Bike To Mike & Spike" bike ride & picnic Harriet's Alter Ego, the Breakfast Club, & myself (the Minority Report) are organizing. The bike route will end at PROSPECT PARK NOT FT. GREENE park as originally planned, due to the fact the the MJ celebration has been moved to Prospect Park as well. To find out just why click HERE. Folks are claiming it's due to the expected crowd amount wise. But let's be honest here folks, Ft. Greene park was TOO close to the projects distance wise. Lol! Anyhow it's still going down regardless, the KING of pop, comes to the county of KINGS, it's only right! If you're "rolling" w/us over there deep, click yo ass over to: BKBIKEBRAGADE
to pre-register and be counted for a great cause. Peep the pic, even Mike was "green" at one time too.


Hyacinth said...

It may be me and if so please do let me know but the link to the bikebrigade is not working....please advise.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

You were right! But it's all better now! Click away

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