Monday, August 31, 2009

"Can I Have A WORD With You?" -Tues. is the NEW Friday

Yep, we're STILL going strong folks right into our 6th week at Aspen already! Tomorrow you have at least FIVE B'days being celebrated all in the SAME night! So bottom line is, you NEED to be in attendance, besides we love the company. September is going to be our HOTTEST month yet, and I ain't talking 'bout the weather! LOL!

Tues. Sept 1st
"WORD To Everything I Love!"
Aspen (30 W. 22nd St. betwn 5th & 6th)
Music by DJ DB & guest DJ Parler
Happy hour 6-8pm
Kitchen open till 11pm

Virgo B'days celebrated:
Jeorgina Williams
Remi Amole
Shanae Brown
Jeanise Chaplin

Eniololade' Dawodu

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