Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"No Pain, No Gaines" -TONIGHT We're Celebrating At Aspen..."WORD!"

Thanks SO much for the overwhelming response to attending the signing/listening party of the Truth/
newest artist Ernie Gaines for tonight! Between the calls and the e-mails, I feel tonight WILL be something special. Mind you this is only our 3(!) night of hosting "Word To Everything I Love!" at Aspen and already the turnout has be phenom thanks to YOU spreading the gospel. Words of advise is be dressed casually mature AND arrival at a comfortable time to insure entree. We're expecting a NICE turn out and want you to be apart. I know Motown will be happy that they've signed an artist that has the peoples support from the jump! Let's get it!

the Minority Report
x Dirty Debutante invites you to

Tues. Aug 4th
"Word To Everything I Love!" - NEW weekly Fashion & Music Industry after work party
Listening / Signing party for the Truth /
Motown artist ERNIE GAINES!
Hosted by Rich Young Lord
GOOD food, GOOD music, GREAT fun!
Aspen (30 W. 22nd St. 5th/6th)
Happy hour 6-8pm
special pre-fix menu w/drink included.
Music by Paul Kersey, DJ GOLDFINGER!
Casually mature dress code.

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