Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"My Big Brother Was B.I.G.'s Brother" -Jay-Z & Biggie Homecoming Party!

I've personally decided to take things up a notch from last year, simply because wait, scratch that. New York NEEDED this to happen! Last year was a tease and only due to the time frame we had back at the (now gone) Frank White venue, we HAD to keep it brief. Oh no not this year we're "GOIN' IN!" Not only do Spinna & Scratch collectively have treats from both artist and original samples of their hits. Plus I've composed along w/ my long time friend artist/ producer Kwame' the FIRST EVER theme song for an event! YES, you read right, the "B.I.G. PIMPIN' " tribute party will start off with a theme song titled "99 B.I.G. Problems!" made specifically for this affair. I was gonna save it as a surprise till the day of, but thought you'd enjoy it more if when you heard it Sat, you'd KNOW what time it was. Now keep in mind , I haven't been behind a sound board to produce ANYTHING in years so I'm a bit rusty, but none the less here's the link to download the dope intro:
"99 B.I.G. Problems!"

Sat. Aug 15th
Rock the Block BK & Keistar Productions presents
"B.I.G. Pimpin' " -the B.I.G & Jay-Z Musical Reunion!
the Dumbo Loft- 155 Water St. near Pearl St.
Music by your favorite DJ's two DJs
DJ Spinna & the Legendary DJ Scratch

"Jay-Z & Biggie Smalls n***a shit ya drawer!
Brooklyn goin' out for all!"

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