Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The Inglourious Handle B.I." -A Bastardly Movie Review

I'm kinda shocked at myself for waiting as long as I did to see this movie. I'm an avid admirer of Tarantino's work, but was hesitant to catch this one. I'm figuring I was hoping not to be disappointed so I can still have hope in his directorial skills after the questionable "Death Proof" business. Well if you harbored the same fears then I can comfortably say, you can sleep easy tonight...He's BACK! Before I attended a show I call myself reading the person to person reviews (to gain insight) on a favorite web site of mine (Ain't It Cool), and review after review folks either LOVED it or thought the worst of it. There were no in between opinions about it. So THAT wasn't any help. I NEED to see this one for myself! Caught the 5:45 down at BAM, and braced myself for whatever happened. And I gotta say folks, I was extremely pleased! Quentin always had a flair for dialogue (which btw there is ALOT of), but the cinematography, and character development within the movie are award worthy too. I was original thrown off by Brad Pitt's chessy accent from the trailers, but somehow he makes it work for him. He'll somehow get another Oscar nod I'm sure. But the REAL star was the villian in the picture (NO not Hitler) the Nazi detective "Jew Hunter" Hans Landa (played by Christopher Waltz ) that will WIN the Oscar! He owns this movie every time he appears on screen. Not to take anything away from the other fine actors cast, but he outshines each one he shares a scene with. He's THAT good! His performance alone makes the movie worth seeing (to me). Now don't walk into the theater thinking this is a rag-tag band of (Jewish) military misfits looking to have some fun killing Nazis...You'd be HALF right. The film plays host to a secondary story line (which QT is also famous for) that ties into the first, which is not as interesting, but equally important to the overall plot. I trying not to say too too uch so that it's not spoiled for you, but this one is a good one that will end questioning weather Tarantino is a film maker or not. There's ALREADY prequel talk! 4 out of 4 M's for this one.

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