Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.164)

I heard that it was raining cats & dogs in Brooklyn this night, but trust me it was all clear skies over by "Beta Banger" Ngozi's
(of Harriet's Alter Ego) B'day party slash web launch all in one. With over 1300 rsvps going into the night, folks came out EARLY to ensure that they weren't left standing outside. With just one elevator up, it moved fairly quickly...the line that is. The team that brought you
on the 4th (July) joined forces again to make her B'day a memorable one. 4 Metro PCS phones was raffled off and of all folks L.A. (Lyshaan Hall/the Stylistic Agency) had won one! Now all those one nighters have their own hot line I guess w/ two phones now. LOL! DJ's Jasmine Solano, Frei, Trauma, and Silky all took turns making the dance floor move at one point in the night. While Keith (of the Breakfast Club) did the door list duties. BK and NYC's best looking socialites showed face to wish her well and continued success w/ her latest ventures. BIG up yourself!
BTW* Die Fabrik is formerly the Sly Art/Robot City space...who know?

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