Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Virgos Is For Lovers!" -V-day Is COMING!

Okay, not to sound bias and all but Virgos RULE! And being that late August and the month of Sept. is upon us, it OUR time! So to help my follow Virgos out I created a list of events and venues where you can come celebrate another year of life and the fact that you're the best sign of the astrology hands down!

On Mondays try...
105 Rivington (betwn Essex & Ludlow)
FREE admission small space yet sexy
(it has a stripper pole for Christ sake)!

On Tues. get with...
"Word To Everything I Love!"
After work 6pm-12am
FREE admission
Food served, Drinks are reasonably priced, GREAT DJs

Special dates you may wanna collabo your B'days on:

Sept. 8th MTV pre-dinner event at Aspen 6-12am
Sept. 9th B'day bash for fellow Virgo Frei of Ahficionados fame at Deity 10-4am
Sept. 15th B'day dinner party for Dirty Deb's Linda & Tara, DJ Miss Saigon and me (!) the Minority Report 6-12
Sept. 20th "LOVE is LOVE" BBQ /Shopping experience 3pm-Sunset
Sept. 22nd Eric Robeson album release

Honorary Fellow Virgos you may (or may not know)

Sept dates:
03 Nigel Walker
05 Jennifer Bess, Isis Adewale
06 Kareem D. Anglin
07 Lin Que Darcel Turner, Regina Ginyard
09 Deffrei Enfermera
10 Keisha Millon, Keith Lawrence, Sha Sykes
13 Valeria Smith, Shanah Walton, Tati Amare
14 Michael Richardson Yacira Valdez,
15 Zebi Williams, Noneya MisSaigon Bizzness,
16 Ant Marshall Ebony Rentas
17 Dallas Green, Malik Yoba
18 Shimy HotRod, Sirita Wright, Phillip S. Pabon
19 Alanzo Dale (me)
20 Daoud Abeid
21 Ainsley Burrows
22 Davida Selby , Tamara Orozco, Sharon Beckford, Toni Renee


D*a*v*i*d*a said...

yeyyy....its virgo season!

Sirita said...

Thanks LOVE! Virgos RULE!!!

Dinna Alexanyan said...

Hello!!!!!! Dinna! ME! August 31st.....we will all be at 105!

DJ Miss Saigon said...

gheahhhh!!! i agree.. virgos ruuuuuule!!!

Kareem said...

We VIRGOS do rule Mr. A!!! Thx for the love bro!!

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