Monday, August 24, 2009

"A Howling Good Time"- It's The Wolfman...Jack! New Trailer Out, Get (Full) Moon 'ed!"

First Dracula got his (classic!), then Frankenstein came next (disappointing), NOW the Wolfman (look hopeful) FINALLY gets his shine! This upcoming movie was so randomly discussed, that folks doubted that it would even get made at all. Well not only is it coming out, just peep (the dope trailer just released) and see who's been cast to play the lead and supporting. Looks like this maybe a winner, but don't quote me on that till the weekend numbers come back opening day. Btw* Doesn't "Frankenstein" and "Wolfman" sound like Jewish last names? Or some wild ass law firm? I can just see the commercial now, "Hurt on the job? Injury on a broken sidewalk? Call Frankenstein & Wolfman to settle your case! They'll scare the pants off the other lawyers to win BIG money for you!" Hahahahahaaaa!

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