Friday, August 28, 2009

"Up in Smoke" -...And Other Random News & Stuff That Just Crossed My Mind 5 Mins Ago

I'm I just buggin' or do you too think it's INSANE that a pack of smokes cost damn near TEN dollars?!? Not that I condone the act of smoking in ANY way shape or form. I have a personal hatred for smoking to be honest with you, but still...TEN DOLLARS dawg? At that price you might as well graduate to the HARD stuff! Crack is still cheap right? Or hope weed gets legalized. LOL!

Anyway, moving on...
Did you guys hear word about the one man robbing spree of local Brooklyn Verizon stores? Yeah man, some dude was going around straight sticking up phone joints around town! Come to find when he finally got arrested, the reason why was to pay his Sprint bill off! He said and I quote "The phone company has been robbing me for years! It was time to pay them back! Plus I needed the net on my phone man, I was missing e-mails." end quote. Man, talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul. In this case Verizon to pay Sprint! Lol! I can just imagine him storming into the store going "Okay folks, this is a robbery! Put yo hands up! I SAID PUT YO' HANDS UP!" Then pulls out the gun and asks "Can you hear me NOW motherf@#kers!!!"

Lastly on a final note, I KNOW you're counting down the days till the first episode of LL's latest TV venture NCIS (CBS) based in L.A.! No? My hope is being that he's now on the team out in L.A., that he'll help (being one of Hip Hop's own) to reopen the cold case of who murdered Biggie Smalls & 2Pac! Just a wish for a future episode perhaps? Cross your fingers on that.

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