Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"What's Beef?" -the Jigga & Frank White Debate Heats Up! B.I.G. PIMPIN' Sat. Aug. 15th

With the "B.I.G. PIMPIN' " event quickly approaching (Sat. Aug. 15th), I posed the unknowingly difficult question to folks, of who they we're feelin' the most between the two iconic artist (Biggie & Jay). Some took long ass pauses, some were conflicted on choosing, then some felt it was even sacrilegious just to ask! Well, here's a clip of me playing "eyewitness reporter" to see who folks are rooting for.

Rock The Block BK from Soul Purpose Media on Vimeo.

Sat. Aug 15th

"B.I.G. Pimpin' " -the B.I.G & Jay-Z Musical Reunion!
the Dumbo Loft- 155 Water St. near Pearl St.
Music by your favorite DJ's two DJs
DJ Spinna & the Legendary DJ Scratch

"Jay-Z & Biggie Smalls n***a shit ya drawer!
Brooklyn goin' out for all!"

Get tix now!

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