Thursday, February 25, 2010

"By FREAK Accident!" -Don't Let 'em Fool Ya, Oh No!

Hey, I know you're busy and all but I need your advise on something real quick. Cool? First let me explain. Okay, a friend (no, seriously's NOT me) the other day was telling me how, one morning in a rush leaving for work from his shorty's crib, he mistakenly grabbed her iPhone on his way out. It wasn't till I (ummm, I meant HE) was looking through the phone's playlist that he realized it was NOT his...definitely not! One playlist title that raised a "red flag" for him was one titled "Pole Position!" Curious he randomly scrolled through it, just to figure out WHAT the f#@k songs would be listed under a title like THAT ! By now he's heated and shocked from what he's reading, here's a sample of just why! Songs like;

Silk -"Freak Me"

Jodeci -"Freakin' You" (Wu-Remix)

Petey Pablo -"Freak A Leak"

Prince -"Head"

Shawnna -"Gettin' Some Head"(Remix)

Nas -"Oochie Wally"

Sisqo -"Thong Song"

David Banner -"Play"

Ying Yang Twins -"Wait" (Remix)

Khia -"My Neck, My Back"

And then he said sarcastically, "What hoe ass playlist would be complete without..."

Luke -"Doo Doo Brown"

So OF COURSE as soon as he gotta moment to speak to her, he was dying to hear her side. To which she explained "Oh, I ain't tell you? I'm taking a pole dancing class at the gym baby!" He was relieved for a while believing her story till he recently found these (*see picture below) under her bed! Once again he confronted her like, "Yo WTF! I thought you told me some BS story 'bout some "pole dancing" class son!" And with a straight face she replied, "Oh I am's to help me make bigger TIPS!" My question I wanna ask you is, "Is it rude to ask him where exactly she's stripping at?"


Anonymous said...

He(or you) should not have been going through her phone. That is being nosey. Your "friend" had the perfect opportunity to ask where she strips at when she said she taking classes for bigger tips.

Kehinde said...

Dude, your blog cracks me up everytime..Keep em coming... You should get a punch in the face for asking that question son...but if you do, make sure Mos Def's Ms Fat Booty is playing in the background.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

@Anonymous I...sorry, HE thought it was HIS phone so being "nosy" was not the case. And SHE had the perfect op to tell after she said why she's taking classes the FIRST time he had asked! So there!

@Kehinde I think "Ms. NEW Booty" should be playing in this case! Or "I'm In Love With A Stripper" LOL. BTW "A punch in the face?" I ain't making her strip! I'm just tipping!

melonie1206 said...

Shit i was reading the playlist thinking...i looove all these songs...this makes me feel like one of those test u do in school to figure out all the things u like and the skills u posses and then at the end it list ur job title..shit would mine say ....stripper! lmfao

オテモヤン said...


"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"