Thursday, October 27, 2011

"It's A Party, It's A Party, It's A Party!"- Bey FINALLY Releases "Party" Video

Now how do I say this without hurting anyone's feelings? I'll just say it. Ummm hi Beyonce', I think I liked the song better BEFORE I saw this video. No offense but, I don't "party" with folks that look like THAT! So it's HARD for me to believe that YOU DO! Yeah I get all the Solange, Theophilus London, J. Cole, a bigger chested Kelly Rowland & albino "it" model cameos, but you set the bar WAY to high for this to be acceptable Mrs. Knowles-Carter. And while I'm "free speechin' " call that dude/chick that styled EVERYONE on this one...and FIRED him/her immediately! Cancel their check too! What...Patrica Field had a clearance sale or some s**t? Lady Gaga did a sample sale? No hate over here, I'm a big Beyonce' fan (no homo) of her vocal style and performance skills but..."Eh?" on this one my dude. I overheard that Andre 3000 & Ye showed up to the set saw the extras and wardrobe rack and was like "Nah, I'm good!" and "Bey ounced" up outta there! LMAO! Good looks covering for them J.Cole. Hahaha Still love the song though.

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