Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Blind Ambition!" -More "Leaked" Photos From The Prim & Proper Movie Trailer

Striving to be ahead of the curve, the Block Boys + Journ3y Men needed to get give you some visuals to help you prepare for our very FIRST all black cocktail attire masquerade dinner party. Now the dinner party in itself (#FlashMobDinnerParty) is something NOT to be missed. However when you add the holiday element of Halloween night to it, then you KNOW that it has to be taken up a notch or so. So two weeks ago I sketched out a brief idea in my head, and went out to purchase the props I needed to help my vision along. And the days before filming this I could NOT sleep, obsessed with finally getting to "film my ideas." The concept was to be a kidnap heist, meets fashion shoot, meets Tarantino film, all wrapped up in one. I shot a few test screens to capture the look of the film and became even more hyped after viewing the end result. Anyways, this flick was set out to be a challenge, not just to us, but to ALL event planners/promoters to be MORE creative. YEAH, at the end of the day it's all just a party but why not plan it to be a GREAT one! There are no rehearsals to life! Pretty soon this will be the normal as an invite to attend an event of ours. NO MORE FLIERS! BE the future instead of just looking forward to it. #Freispeech > real talk!

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