Monday, October 10, 2011

"Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It!" -New York's Throughest Boro Is On The Rise

It seems like NYC (or rather the world) is FINALLY starting to get it! People with $ and corporate America are starting to respect Brooklyn for the royal Kings County that it's ALWAYS been! At least to the Brooklynites are born and raised here. Stadiums, high end stores, high rise condo housing, and all the entrapment's that "the city" once monopolized on, are planting their flags firmly into BK soil. So that renaissance that Harlem was expecting is looking like it's happening faster in good ol' "Bucktown USA" instead. Man, I don't blame this rep from Harlem for sitting this one out. All that Brooklyn/Harlem "Who's better?" beef stuff is meat in a fajita wrap now! The BROOKLYN Renaissance looks like its gonna be around for years to come. If you're curious to know or just plain nosy, the story behind the picture of ol' boy here is that he decided he wanted to play tough guy and not salute when the DJ on set asked "Where's Brooklyn at?" He flings open his sweat drenched shirt to revel and even sweaty 'er HARLEM t-shirt underneath and next thing you know...BIFF! BAM! POW! He's "Harlem shaking" laying on the cold concrete like a tossed away flier promoting a Harlem World reunion CD. Oh buddy! However there IS some good news for Harlemites...Brooklyn has some low housing rentals still available! So do like Shalamar and "make that move right now baby!" I called Mase to pray for you guys. And Diddy was unavailable for comment, away in Miami I guess. Somebody go wake this guy up and say "Hello! Good morning!" for me! LMAO!

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