Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Breukelen Houses...A Wonderful Community!" -Exclusive Photos From Shawn Pen's "Respect Me" Video Set

They say "Strike when the fire is hot" right? I ask "When is the fire NOT HOT?" DUH! I bring this up cause lately ya boy (that would be me) have been getting requests left and right for photo/video gigs non stop! Which brings me to this particular job. Thanks to my Logan Zane connections (China & Aisha), I recently reconnected with an old industry associate of mine that needed to reemerge back on the scene after a long extensive absence in the music industry. Formerly known as "Little Shawn" ("Hickeys on Your Neck/Dom Perignon") Shawn Pen became the name of choice for his reincarnation. And being that he found the right tune for his reemergence it need a visual to go with it. This is where I come in folks, enter stage right! At our reintroduction meeting, we set a date and laid out a plan on how he envisioned the video to look. Then two weeks later I find myself on the corner of Stanley & Pennsylvania Ave (East New York folks) at 9:30 in the am! YEP, the hood hood! Looking like a DT staked out in front of prostitute central (the Galaxy Motel), in a Popeye's parking lot with a big ol' camera strapped to my chest. Can we say TARGET! However as the day progressed, my tensions were put to ease with the company Shawn brought out, as well as two world renown Brooklyn legends (DJ Clark Kent & Scratch) that made the shoot all for the better. Anyways here photos from the two day set that I took in between shooting that I wanted to share with you. The video will be edited soon, so hold on to these till I'm done. One.

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