Monday, October 10, 2011

"Flame On!" -Signs Your Homie Lover Friend May Be Gay!

Ladies, let's be real...cuffin' season is now upon us! The time when summer madness turns to winter sadness, and you're looking to get boo'ed up by at least one of your "3am callers" that may have some type of spooning potential. Yeah, I know your pain (not personally), but I understand your plight. It's hard on the boulevard right now! Guys (speaking from a African-American perspective) are either married, in some type of committed relationship (it's complicated), has a baby momma or two...or three, serving time, unemployed or just broke. Then there's the ones that have money and a lady for every zero in their bank account. The workaholic/hustlers with NO time. Plus the well put together, highly educated cats who come off as well...corny! It's tough! I GET IT! But DON'T go out there rushing to jump the broom with your jump-off! Hold your horse hairs a minute. There's one last situation we haven't mentioned yet...the GAY dude! As "acceptance" in the hood increases, women have been voicing their methods of detection are failing them miserably! So I've enlisted some helpful hints from my single male friends without kids that have their own apartments with good paying jobs IE "the Last Mohegans" to assist with some tail tail (oops sorry tale tale) signs to spare yourself the embarrassment of "the Closet Monster" story you'll be telling your close girlfriends. LOL!

1. You met him in a beauty/nail salon
2. He sometimes texts you back "Kk"
3. He grabs YOUR arm on the scary parts at the movies
4. Your 1st road trip he brings a show tunes mixed CD to play.
5. He cried when Oprah went off the air.
6. You caught him using your razor in the shower...on his LEGS!
7. He has a ENTIRE album on Facebook with just pictures of his male "good friend" in it.
8. Your male hairdresser asked "Girl, how you KNOW him? Hmmm!" When he dropped you off.
9. After sex he "mistakenly" puts on your panties in a rush and swears he "didn't notice"
10. He's carries his brief case in the crease of his arm.
11. He's crosses his legs more than you do!
12. He eats bananas, popsicle, lollipops, hot dogs sensuously in public with BOTH hands!
13. He sags not only his jeans but, this underwear too.
14. He squeals like a young school girl whenever a Beyonce' song comes on...EVERYTIME!
15. And lastly he wears a freakin' rainbow belt! DUH!!!

Hopefully this clears somethings up for you. If not I truly hope you & Tremaine have a happy life together! Oh, and one more last thing... don't panic, the Chris Brown screen saver he has on his computer could be just a faze he's going thru. Deuces!

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