Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Mask Me No Questions, I Tell You No Lies!" -Minority Report Exclusive Photos From The Set Of "A Prim & Proper Way To Die"

Halloween is SO close you can SMELL the candy corn! And so the push is ON for us to get the buzz out there to the socially exclusive fashionable/stylish social set, to attend not ONE but TWO(!) Halloween events we're (the Block Association, the Brooklyn Circus w/ Journ3y Men) hosting this year! YEP, You heard right! The first one on the Sat which is our yearly holiday costume party called "Monsters Ball" (which is the LARGEST in Brooklyn).
Then our last Monday of the month dinner party series "Prim & Proper" aka #FlashMobDinnerParty (which happens to fall on Halloween night) will be an all out masquerade party, where a mask and all black attire is required for RSVP LIST ONLY (theBlockRSVP@gmail.com) entree. Anyways I normally do a video documenting the event the night of. However, being the creative soul(s) that I (we) am (are), A trailer video to prepare you for the GREAT times ahead NEEDED to be made! But before we unveil it I got permission from the team (the Block Boys) to "leak" some on set photos taken by Jason Smith Jr. (of Journ3y Men) & myself (while directing!). I'll "leak" a few a day till the full video is ready to drop. Hold tight!

Sat. Oct. 29th
the Block Association + the Brooklyn Circus presents
@Touche' -46 Washington Ave. betwn Park & Flushing
Music by the Ahficionados & Soundproof (aka the Block Boys)
Admission is $10 w/ RSVP ONLY
Send names + # of guests to theBlockRSVP@gmail.com
Subject: "HEY BOO!"
Costume or Mask is mandatory

Monday, Oct 31st

the Block Boys + Journ3y Men invite all our fashionable friends to
"PRIM & PROPER aka #FlashMobDinnerParty

A fashionable dining/social experience

Gents a button down, blazer, or tie is highly suggested!


Anonymous said...

You have posted two different times for the Prime & Proper party for 10/31.
Your last post on 10/18 says 7pm to 1am. HOWEVER, your post on 10/11 says 8pm to 2am.

Which is it?

Thank you!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

The latest one is the CORRECT hours. Thanks for asking.

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