Friday, October 7, 2011

"When The Tables Are Turned..." -Block Boy DJ Trauma (The Mutherf**kin' Problem) Gets A Lead Role! Based On A True Story

From weddings to wakes. Bar mitzvahs to baby showers. You name it DJ Trauma will claim it! Since becoming a full fledged co-founding member of the Block Association, Trauma's hand have been heating up many a cross fader in clubs city wide, setting the dance floor ablaze as well as a trail for himself as the "go-to" guy for DJ bookings. Greenhouse, World Bar, the Brooklyn Museum, and Veranda are just SOME of the spots he's touched and left a mark on. And his affiliations are just as many with Soundproof Intl. the Block Association / the Block Boys, the High Flyers club, plus America's Next Top Shottas (jk lol) he's actively a part of. Anyways I telling you all of this to help you understand why we've nick named him "the Problem" cause that's what he's causing ALOT of these "so-called" DJs scratching their heads instead of their records like they're supposed to! SEEN! Go head, peep the lil' video salute I pieced together that will be featured on the Block Association and his own personal upcoming websites. NICE right?

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